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AND this is how the BALL VALVE WRENCH(TM) came to be.....


One day a good friend, that owns a pool, had that "OH C#!P moment" and broke off the wing of one of his ball valves in his pool mechanical room. He had taken a crescent wrench to one of the wings to get it to open and SNAP!!!; one wing gone. The other ball valves had become so crusted with hard water, obviously brittle, and undoubtedly stuck, that he was afraid to attempt to do the same to any of his other remaining ball valve T-handles.


So....good friend came to his inventor, and physicist, friend Bob, and asked him to invent something to fix this problem. After some thought about what it would take to solve his friend's problem Bob went to his laboratory and prototyped the first Ball Valve Wrench(TM). Once satisfied with the laboratory prototype Bob took the prototyped wrench to his good friend's pool room and tried it out. It worked!! Not only did it work but it worked beautifully!! As Bob and the friend turned each ball valve T-wing it de-crusted the hard water and made the valves turn as easy as if they were new. 


Bob came home one day and said we need to file a patent, and we need to manufacture, and make available to everyone this very simple tool. This tool will solve so many problems, not just for pool owners, but spa owners, and boat owners... the applications are limitless. He said to me, "can you help me get this out to people"; solve their problems with their ball valves?


So we did...... we have created and have manufactured the BALL VALVE WRENCH!





We are proudly owned and manufactured in the United States of America and based in the State of New Mexico.

The BALL VALVE WRENCH is an environmentally friendly, product. Often times when a ball valve fails because of broken T-Wing handles the consumer will have the PVC plumbing replaced, which will be thrown out in a land fill, and it will cost the consumer hundreds of dollars to have this simple problem fixed; this is often the case and not a good solution. The BALL VALVE WRENCH will save the owner of pools, spas, boats, commercial businesses, and many other plumbing problems from having to replace costly plumbing tear out and plumbing replacement material from being thrown out in the landfills.

Our purpose is to solve a simple problem; a problem that is worldwide. We hope that our simple solution will save you money and solve your PVC BALL VALVE problems.


Ball Valve Wrench, LLC

Robert Krangle, PhD - Inventor/Founder

(505) 349-1124




The Ball Valve Wrench is 100% guaranteed from manufacturing defects, and 100% guaranteed for customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied please return the wrench for a full refund. You can request your return label and refund by contacting us at (Return shipping charges are not refundable).



We are in the business to solve your ball valved problems and sell Ball Valve Wrenches. We do not collect private or personal information with any intent to sell or solicited to third parties.  All information provided through our website is for our use to communicate with the consumer. Any other information gathered is through our partnership with paypal. We have no control what paypal does with your information.



Ball Valve Wrench LLC, and the Ball Valve Wrench is trademark protected and patent pending. Any use of the words in their whole, any use of the graphics, and any use of the language may only be used with the written permission from the inventor, the owners, the CEO and the President of Ball Valve Wrench LLC.

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